andrej jakab and ramon otting exhibition


Van Loon Galleries is organizing an exhibition of paintings by Christel Delrieu Pétraud, Slava Fokk and Karin van de Walle.

Important: Due to the European Championship, the festive opening has been postponed. The artworks will be displayed from Sunday, June 23 till Friday, July 19 2024 at the gallery on the Heuvel in the center of Vught.


Christel Delrieu Pétraud (France, 1976)

Her artistic and inquiring mind finds its inspiration mainly in science, travel and humans, but also in photography and the digital world. In her work, she is constantly exploring: into the composition of space, matter and time, as well as different techniques and materials and effects of colors and light. She has invented a graphic alphabet based solely on lines. As a colorist, she favors intense, frank and saturated colors. Her work is incredible on all levels. Not surprisingly, her works have been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions and art fairs in Europe and the US.

Her works are part of important collections such as the Palestine Museum of the United States in Connecticut. Art allows Christel Delrieu Pétraud to represent the interpretation of truth in a new way. Her portraits are veiled and revealed in a moving rhythm. The unreal color palette sows confusion between attraction and truth.


Slava Fokk (Russia, 1976)

Fokk belongs to a younger generation of Russian painters. His way of painting is distinguished by a “clever retrospection” that makes it possible for Fokk to create technologically perfect and plastically expressive works. Slava Fokk goes back to the origins of the techniques of the old Dutch painters with his oil paintings. Through the creative reinterpretation of a great tradition, he has developed his own recognizable set of painting techniques that work harmoniously in his paintings and are plastically expressive.

His works are distinguished by a refined aesthetic and they do not succumb to the extremes of “hyperrealism,” such as expressive brutality and digital technologies. A flat composition and delicate messy design within each painting create a subtle, nuanced image that is particularly evident in his portraits of women. Currently living in Thailand, Fokk is working on a new series of artworks. Monumentalism and plasticity of classical art combined with Modern Art stylistics, remain important to the artist in these works as well.


Karin van de Walle (The Netherlands, 1964)

Karin van de Walle studied at the Art Academy St. Joost in Breda with a major in Ceramic Design and lives/works in Germany. Karin has developed her own imagery through her own working method. In doing so, she has mainly been inspired by artists, who have found their way outside the art movements. Van de Walle always works with themes. These return regularly in the form of Animalgirls, Spaceangels, Showgirls, Traditional Girls and Recyclegirls, among others. From working in detail and combining eclectic elements, a process emerges, exploring the limits of the manufacturable, from which something new develops each time.

Not finished with one yet, she considers how she can go just a little further with the next sculpture using ever-changing elements. Sculptures in ceramic, porcelain, cast marble, sometimes bronze and sculptures made of recyclable or recycled materials are the result. The sculptures are typical in their individuality, their exuberant extravagance, humor and infinite mobility.


Program exhibition

Karin van de Walle’s sensational sculptures, Slava Fokk’s surrealist, neoclassical paintings and Christel Delrieu Pétraud’s colorful works painted with mathematical logic will be displayed from Saturday, June 23 till Friday, July 19 2024.


Official opening

The official opening of this special exhibition is on Sunday, June 23 2024. We look forward to welcome you.


Gallery opening hours:

Wednesday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Saturday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Sunday, June 23 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. (or by appointment)

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“The sculptures are typical in their individuality, exuberant extravagance, humor and infinite mobility.”
– Karin van de Walle

Andrej Jakab Van Loon Galleries
Slava Fokk  Girl With Tulips (2023) 150 x 100 cm. Oil on canvas.
Ramon Otting Van Loon Galleries
Christel Delrieu Pétraud  Ophelie (2022) 120 x 100 cm. Oil and Acryl on linen.
Andrej Jakab Van Loon Galleries
Karin van de Walle  She Bangs Big (2023) 205 x 50 x 50 cm. Mixed media.