Exhibition Rabarama, Van Loon Galleries

Solo exhibition: Rabarama

Rabarama’s powerful sculptures were on display at Van Loon Galleries from November 28 to December 20, 2020.

Rabarama (Italy, 1969)

Rabarama, stage name of Paola Epifani, currently lives and works in Padua, a city in northern Italy. Already in her early childhood, the artist’s daughter turned out to have an innate talent for making sculptures. Her artistic education began at the University of the Arts in the Italian city of Treviso. She continued her education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. She passed with high marks in 1991 after which she directly participated in a large number of national and international sculpture competitions. Because of this, she earned more and more acclaim from the critics and the public.

Rabarama makes sculptures and paintings of men, women and hybrid creatures, often in eccentric poses. With these powerful sculptures she has started a search for the predestination of humans. The skin of her subjects is always decorated with patterns, symbols, letters, signs and other figures that show a great variety. After casting, each sculpture is colored by hand and in this way provided with its own DNA. Rabarama is seen as an extremely highly talented all-round artist. A steady stream of awards, laureates and official recognitions from all over the world has gone to her and proves her.

Opening exhibition

The exhibition was open from Saturday 28 November from 12:00. The artist was present, subject to change, on Saturday 28 November and Sunday 29 November from 2 p.m., so that you could learn more about the works in a personal conversation.

Opening hours gallery

Wednesday to Friday: 11.00 am – 17.00 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 12.00 – 17.00 pm or by appointment

“With her sculptures she has started a quest for the predestination of mankind.”
– Rabarama

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