Duo exhibition Dejong & Messeg

Duo exhibition: Samuel de Jong and Nimrod Messeg

The beautiful sculptures of Nimrod Messeg and the refined works of Samuel Dejong were on display from January 18 to March 1, 2020 at Van Loon Galleries.

Samuel Dejong

With his sculptures, Samuel explored the limits of technical and aesthetic possibilities. Because only if you look further and let go of your prejudices, you can achieve what seemed impossible at first. And you can perhaps even elevate that which at first sight does not stand out or scares you into art. With that philosophy, Samuel challenges the viewer to see the beauty of the foundation of our ecosystem: the insect. No creature is so elegant and fragile, yet so strong and indestructible. It is aesthetics in its purest form, perfect down to the smallest detail. In his art, Samuel continuously strives for the same perfection. With refined techniques that he mastered as a surgeon, he imitates the anatomy of insects in such a way that they are indistinguishable from the real thing. Maybe they are even more beautiful than in real life, because he puts them in a whole new context.

Nimrod Messeg

Nimrod Messeg started sculpting early in his father’s studio. Over the years, he developed a unique way of shaping iron with heat, using all kinds of techniques and strength, turning this brutal material into something that looks light, graceful, beautiful, almost soft. In the flames and sparks of the sculptural process an almost celestial energy arises, which makes possible the birth of a new entity. Each sculpture has thus acquired its own personality. His eclectic work is internationally appreciated, including Spanish art.

Official opening

The festive opening of this exhibition was on Sunday 19 January from 2 p.m. Both artists were present, so that you could learn more about the works in a personal conversation.

(Adjusted) Opening hours Gallery

Wednesday to Sunday from 13.00 to 16.30 pm or by appointment

“Gedurende het sculpturale proces is vuur mijn belangrijkste gereedschap. Deze krachtige bron van creatie verbindt mij met de natuur en het leven zelf.” – Nimrod Messeg

“Als je oppervlakkig naar de wereld kijkt, mis je de ware schoonheid.” – Samuel de Jong

Nimrod Messeg Van Loon Galleries Vught
Samuel Dejong Van Loon Galleries Vught
Nimrod Messeg Van Loon Galleries Vught
Samuel Dejong Van Loon Galleries Vught