Anita Vermeeren

Anita Vermeeren

The Netherlands, 1967


Paint is applied in thick layers, removed, scratched, or crushed. The same with sketches in pen or charcoal that are transformed into a jumble of lines. Or the frescoes that are made according to traditional Italian technology: a battle with lime mortar, pigment, and water. Anita Vermeeren struggles with material and substrate until an image emerges. An image that is abstract when viewed from close range, but detailed and powerful at a little more distance.

Vermeeren grew up in the middle of the Brabant countryside surrounded by fields, gardens, colourful flowers, and stately forest landscapes. An image that changes facet every season. And so the spring blossoms and the sunflowers thrive in the summer.
Vermeeren depicts the soul of this landscape on her canvas with pure emotion.

“The expression of emotions stands above all. Technology and material must serve this purpose.”

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'Charcoal lady (VER77)' (2021), 168 x 136 cm, Mixed techniques
'Charcoal (VER79)' (2013), 102 x 61 cm, Mixed techniques