Gerd Bannuscher

Gerd Bannuscher

Germany, 1957


Gerd Bannuscher’s main theme in his work is ‘evolution’, based on the relationship between man and nature. By portraying life-size and lifelike animals, mainly primates, the viewer comes very close to nature. Through the photorealistic technique, which is sometimes even linked to the surreal, the artist gives his thoughts and beliefs a face that touches the viewer emotionally and unconsciously. Through his immense skill in painting primates, Bannuscher came into contact with world-renowned British behavioral scientist Jane Goodall who has been researching chimpanzees for nearly sixty years.

For example, Bannuscher regularly visits her institute in Tanzania where he then works on his paintings and they combine numerous joint projects and collaborations. Bannuscher has made a name for himself internationally. For example, the German worked for fifteen years on behalf of the Sultan of Oman and his paintings have been shown at exhibitions in Italy, the United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Austria and Germany. He has been honored with (public) awards at various international exhibitions

“By portraying life-size and lifelike animals, mainly primates, the viewer gets very close to nature.”

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Im Moment sein, 70 x 120 cm, Acrylic on canvas
Die Stille der Zeit, 100 x 140 cm, Acrylic on canvas