Carla Dijs

Carla Dijs

Netherlands, 1954


Carla Dijs (Arnhem Academy of Fine Arts) makes very feminine and sensual sculptures. The human body is a starting point, but the figure is never a realistic representation. “It is the sum of monumental impressions. For me, body shapes are fascinating, elusive, immeasurable. They represent feelings and the images must be smooth and highly cuddly.”
Dijs spent most of her childhood in Nijmegen and later worked in Groningen for 18 years after she completed her studies. She has been back in Nijmegen since 2004, where she makes figurative sculptures and is also an initiator of local art projects.

As part of Nijmegen Visual art community project, she created temporary artworks in public areas of various neighbourhoods. Recent works are the texts RETURN ENTER and DELETE at the former Honig complex in Nijmegen, and a fifty-meter photo wall at De Biezantijn.

“For me, body shapes are fascinating, elusive, immeasurable.”

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Benen in de lucht, 50 x 20 cm, Bronze, ed. 3