David Beliën

David Beliën

The Netherlands, 1976

Glass art

David Beliën lives for glass. The main focus of his work is transparency. He plays with the contrast between inside and outside. He seeks a balance between sleek monumental shapes and coarse textures.

David Beliën does not only aim to be a glass artist but a true professional. The craft of glass-blowing requires a fast and extremely precise technique. You cannot work in a hurry, but not too slowly either. The glass pieces go into an oven of around 1150 degrees Celsius. There must be a balance between purposeful action and artistic integrity. Yet, David’s objects are often sober.

Using old alchemical knowledge, he knows how to treat the glass in such a way that the question arises whether the glass is a translucent rock, or perhaps something alive? David Beliën aims to create an intrinsic silence in his objects. The object itself can create a concrete effect on people’s living spaces.

“A concrete effect of the living space… and on the life of people therein.”

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Meteorite blue, 36 x 27 x 7 cm, Blown glass, optical cut and polished, steel holder
Chymitridion algae, 22 x 25 x 21 cm, Blown glass
Orb fluid, 10 x 17 x 14 cm, Blown glass, optical polished
Orb uran, 16 x 14 x 9 cm, Blown glass, optical polished, sandblasted