Josh Gluckstein

Schilder Christel Delrieu Pétraud bij Van Loon Galleries

United Kingdom, 1991


Josh Gluckstein is a London-based artist fascinated by depicting wild animals. Sustainability is central to his work and he uses recycled cardboard to create life-size animal sculptures. Inspired by his travels, Josh tries to recreate the presence and personality of the most majestic animals he has seen in the wild.
Trapped with limited resources and a lot of time to think, Josh began experimenting with recycled cardboard. The accessibility and versatility of cardboard with its many shades and textures allows Josh to capture unique details and raw emotions, all without creating waste.

Since childhood, Josh also wanted to contribute to the welfare of animals that inspire him. With his solo shows, Josh focuses on various challenges to nature today and donates a percentage of sales to relevant charities working to protect endangered species around the world.

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