Paulien Huizinga

Paulien Huizinga, Van Loon Galleries

Netherlands, 1971

Photo Art

Paulien Huizinga started her career as a television presenter but eventually found her true passion in photography. What started as a hobby soon turned into a journey of discovery that was unstoppable for her. After a preliminary education at the Photo Academy, photography had grabbed her so much that she was sure she was on the right track. Practice, practice, practice, fall down, get up, try again, fall and move on. ‘Cause she had a dream! She now has her own studio in Blaricum and she exhibits her work worldwide. From Paris, Milan to LA.

The work of Paulien is characterized by showing the strong woman in all her vulnerabilities. Sensuality, sexuality, shapes and curves, you can find it all in her work, but above all she has the need to share the viewer in her search for the Aphrodite in every woman. The goddess of love, beauty and sensuality but never a victim of who she is or who crosses her path.

“She shows the strong woman in all her vulnerabilities.”

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Temperantia (2020) 48 x 33 cm, Fine art print, ed. 50
Lustitia (2020) consignatie - 48 x 33cm, Fine art print. ed. 50
Prutentia (2020) 48 x 33 cm, Fine art print, ed. 50
Temperantia (2020) 48 x 33 cm, Fine art print, ed. 50