Joris van Spaendonck

Joris van Spaendonck

The Netherlands, 1967


Joris van Spaendonck aims to paint his works with more intensity than actual reality. For that reason, he doesn’t paint according to his own perception. He travels through nature and visiting gardens for inspiration. In his studio he paints suggestions of trees, branches, and flowers. For Joris it’s all about the intensity of the paint and the materials around him. Paint and textile are subjects in themselves. It is known that accidental stains and splashes on jeans and canvas can become part of a work by Joris. He has been working passionately on his expressions for years. Always with a lot of room for chance.

The daily walk to his studio is part of the research of spontaneous incidents and inspirations. An accidental stain on a painters’ trousers, the paint residue on a cleaning cloth; these are challenges for Joris that are just as important as a tightly stretched new white canvas.

“There’s always a lot of room for chance.”

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Jvs20903 (2020) 150 x 90 cm, oil and acrylic on linen
Jvs20905 (2020) 90 x 50 cm, Oil and acrylic on a rag
New Green Start After Forrest-Fire (jvs20057) (2020) 170 x 110 cm, Mixed techniques
'Jvs20907' (2020) 30 x 40 cm, Mixed techniques on linen