Przemyslaw Lasak

Gerd Bannuscher

Poland, 1958


The artworks of Przemyslaw Lasak command respect for their artisanal perfection, characterized by technical virtuosity combined with artistic daring. They are human forms with an almost alien appearance. Lasak continues to experiment with new techniques, which always gives an innovative character to his works. For Lasak, art means a mixture of hard work, honesty, openness to criticism, self-affirmation and, above all, an endless search for the ultimate form in order to ultimately express itself in an idiosyncratic, original and inimitable way.

Those atmospheres say everything to him. They come from his own experiences, his own life. The “transformation” of his native Poland touched and made him. And Father Time, who handed him the earlier cultures. And Mother Earth, who gave him materials such as clay, wood and tin to fulfill his artistic wishes.

“For him, art means an endless search for the ultimate form.”

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