Lester Corzo

Lester Corzo

Cuba, 1984


The use of colour in Lester Corzo’s paintings feels warm like Cuba. The groups of people that Lester portrays in his paintings are always busy with something, but the moment of the action itself is frozen. The best way to describe his paintings would be “frozen warm moments”. From 2010 onwards – when love brought him from Cuba to Brabant – you can clearly see Lester’s works gaining more artistic freedom as the suffocating Cuban regime leaves the centre stage.

The widely divergent cultures that formed Lester now merge together in his work. His painting technique has not changed throughout the years. Lester takes group photos himself, after which he selects one and draws them projected into a large canvas, which is the biggest challenge in the process. Precise technology and a vibrant array of colours, in which reds and blues compete for priority, compose a visually approachable end result.

“Frozen, and warm moments.”

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Madrid Rojo (2018) 160 x 120 cm, Acrylic on canvas