Matthias Verginer

Matthias Verginer

North-Italy, 1982


Matthias Verginer studied fine art and went to study with his father to make his example sculptures of wood. Matthias Verginer creates works full of humor, showing an imagination that at first sight seems funny and ambiguous, but which above all hides pure intelligence. The images not only charm and entertain us, they invite us to reflect on the mechanisms by which we perceive our reality.

He explores both the joy and the pain of human existence. His works consist of a collection of animals and human figures, realistic in their resemblance to reality, but absurd in their meaning. The wood sculptures retain their true shapes and colors, but the beauty comes from the confusing and mysterious nature, which hides both surrealism and magical realism.

“He explores both the joy and the pain of human existence.”

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Matthias Verginer Van Loon Galleries
Merge 112 x 40 x 35 cm painted limewood 2020
Dreamwalker 110 x 140 x 35 cm limewood 2020 (2)
Fat and furious 160 x 100 x 60 cm painted limewood 2021 (2)