Christel Delrieu Pétraud

Schilder Christel Delrieu Pétraud bij Van Loon Galleries

France, 1976


Christel Delrieu Pétraud is an internationally award-winning artist  who has lived and worked in Toulouse, France, for much of her life.

Her artistic and inquisitive mind finds its inspiration mainly in science, travel and people, but also in photography and the digital world. In her work, she is constantly exploring the composition of space, matter and time, while also exploring different techniques, materials and effects of colour and light.

She has invented a graphic alphabet based solely on lines. As a colourist, she favours intense, frank and saturated colours. Her work is incredible on all levels. Not surprisingly, her works have been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions and art fairs in Europe and the US. Her works are part of important collections such as the Palestine Museum of the United States in Connecticut.

Art enables Christel Delrieu Pétraud to represent the interpretation of truth in a new way. Her portraits are veiled and revealed in a moving rhythm. The unreal colour palette sows confusion between attraction and truth.

“As the great Albert Einstein said: imagination is more important than knowledge.”

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Christel Delrieu Pétraud
Christel Delrieu Pétraud
Christel Delrieu Pétraud bij van loon galleries
Christel Delrieu Pétraud schiler bij Van Loon Galleries