Ramon Otting

Ramon Otting

The Netherlands, 1969


The landscape is a huge source of inspiration for Dutch painter Ramon Otting. It reflects our state of mind, is pleasant, can heal, and give rise to a meditative state. Otting’s work is all about nature and what it does for us humans. This interaction is essential. An almost physical ominous threat is present in many of his land and seascapes. Sometimes in dark and stormy skies, sometimes in overwhelming light. Nature’s superior power compared to humans is palpable.

Otting’s work increasingly focuses on using nature in its wholeness. From low vantage points and the use of soil from the place where he finds inspiration, Otting shows us the beauty and richness of form and color in nature. His paintings combined with his sculptures reinforce the magic in the details.

“I want to literally transfer nature’s behaviour onto canvas.”

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Désirer - Rose (2021) ±35 x 30 x 20 cm, Glass
Dans le Mystique (2021) 140 x 140 cm, Oil and soil on canvas
Melancholie - Orange (2021) ±35 x 30 x 20 cm, Glass
Graines de Joie (2020) 120 x 120 cm, Oil and soil on canvas