Ron Tetteroo

The Netherlands, 1963

Photo art

Ron Tetteroo has been working as a freelance advertising and fashion photographer since 1986, and has worked for many leading brands and magazines both at home and abroad. His use of light and sense of atmosphere are clearly visible in his snapshot-like, cinematic photography. Also in his free work, mainly erotically tinted, Tetteroo shows that it is not just about capturing the main character, but that he above all wants it to go further. Appearance and feeling, that is what the Amsterdammer strives for.

Tetteroo wants to make a statement about the nudity in society and the silence of creative freedom in art when it comes to nudity. In recent years, he says, the world has become more and more prudish. Where before we were allowed to freely and enjoy erotic art, or even nudity at all, today, in the opinion of the artist, that has changed enormously.

According to Tetteroo, social media plays a major role in this. “The platforms and privacy rules largely determine what we can and cannot see. So when it comes to our sexual freedom – and everything that comes with it – the big winner is treachery.” But Tetteroo refuses to give up! He sees nude photography as a wonderful medium; something to look at, enjoy, be inspired by and boost creativity in everyday life. Nudity is pure, sensual, exciting, beautiful, provocative, nudity is human and nudity is pure art.

“His use of light and sense of atmosphere are evident in his snapshot-like, cinematic photography.”

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'Waiting' (2006) 180 x 120 cm, Photography, printed on canson platine fiber, anti reflex plexigass, dibond
Ron Tetteroo Van Loon Galleries