Jolanda Tielens-Aarts

Jolanda Tielens-Aarts, Van Loon Galleries

Netherlands, 1966


Jolanda Tielens-Aarts is originally a lighting designer. Her original lighting concepts give buildings, interiors, parks and gardens extra value and atmosphere all over the world. Light is essential and functional for her and certainly not just decorative. Light has the power to touch the unconscious in a person. Well applied light therefore gives art extra appeal.

Jolanda works with artificial light in combination with the original textiles felt and silk. She calls her works of art ‘light felts’: exciting, fairytale-like dioramas of spectacularly illuminated transparent silk with reliefs of wool. They are visual illusions that transfer the viewer to another world in the blink of an eye.

The artistic themes with which Jolanda works are inspired by light from nature: the sun, the moon, the stars and fire. That light makes our world visible and brings it to life. Without light there would be no people, animals, fruit, vegetables or trees. Without sun no morning mist over the heath. Only the moon shines on a nightly bog and fire brings our stories to life. It is a natural dynamic that has fascinated people for centuries and which Jolanda manages to capture in a work of art that never bores. No life without light.

“For me, light is a material that touches your soul. Light makes the world around us very personal.”

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'Quasar' (2019), 79 x 79 x 7 cm, Felt
'Quasar' (2019), 79 x 79 x 7 cm, Felt