Hannes Verhoeven

Hannes Verhoeven, Van Loon Galleries

Netherlands, 1984


Verhoeven is mainly known for his sculptures in public space. His sculptures, often in natural surroundings, arouse sympathy and are of interest to a wide audience. He lives and works in the countryside. His studio is located in Esbeek on the edge of the village. In this area is also the Andreas Schotel art route where a large part of his works of art are located.

The countryside is a frequently recurring theme in his sculptures, in which humans and animals play a major role. Verhoeven is always looking for connections between humans and animals and tries to create a powerful figure in this way. The artist uses different materials such as wire steel in his large works and bronze and resin in his smaller works. In this work he used reinforcing steel with a diameter of 6 mm, which are welded together in a very precise manner to create a layered drawing and silhouette. Due to the rusty color of the steel and the transparency, the work of art is completely absorbed in nature. If you do a circle around the work, you may notice that you can also look her in the eye from the back.

“His sculptures arouse sympathy and are interesting for a wide audience.”

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Praying Farm Girl, 60 x 40 x 25 cm. Bronze, ed. 1:8
Knight Farm Boy, 77 x 32 x 17 cm. Bronze, ed. 1/8