Alex Vinck

Alex Vinck, Kunstenaar Van Loon Galleries

Nederland, 1973


Alexander Vinck is an autodidact who is in no way traditionally formed in conventional art education. Since his childhood, he increasingly feels that he is looking for an answer to a crucial question: what is our purpose on this earth? What do you offer others? It is often not immediately clear what form this takes.

He wants to inspire, amaze, delight and move people through his art. His art is constantly evolving but is characterized by the use of colors in combination with geometry. Alexander manipulates shape and color to achieve a desired effect. The viewer is challenged to experience his art on different levels. Up close, the use of the small squares is all the more noticeable. The effect of the chosen color on each individual square leads to fascination and the need for further investigation. From a distance and from various angles, the works seem to be constantly transforming. A play of light and color transformation unfolds before the eyes of the viewer.

“He wants to inspire, amaze, delight and move people through his art.”

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The beauty inside (purple), 120 x 94 x 10 cm, Wool felt and aluminium, ed. 8
Mirror on the wall, Ø100 cm, Wool felt and plexiglass, ed. 8