Art Purchase regulation

With the Art Purchase of the Mondriaan Foundation, private individuals can buy art on credit. You do not pay the total amount at once, but take out an interest-free loan. You repay this in monthly installments over a maximum period of three years. The Mondriaan Fund pays for the interest. 100% art | 0% interest. Since 1997, more than 47,000 buyers have made use of the KunstKoop and bought more than 150 million euros worth of works of art. About 125 galleries are participating in the KunstKoop, spread across the country. The participating galleries, including Van Loon Galleries, have been selected by the Mondriaan Fund on aspects such as professionalism and the quality of their exhibition programme.

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How does it work?

  1. You decide to buy a work of art in our gallery via the KunstKoop.
  2. You conclude a purchase agreement with us and make a down payment.
  3. You then send the loan application form to Santander Consumer Finance Benelux. This informs you whether the loan is granted. If this is the case, sign the loan contract.
  4. Santander Consumer Finance Benelux then pays the total amount of the loan directly to us. The interest on the loan is paid for you by the Mondriaan Foundation to Santander Consumer Finance Benelux.