Joris van Loon interview Omroep Brabant, Van Loon Galleries

Omroep Brabant is a guest at the Biënnale Brabant

For this item ‘Zinderend Zuiden’ by Omroep Brabant, which reports on the most beautiful festivals, the best events, great parties and other outings that should not be missed, the broadcaster visited the Biënnale Brabant 2021. Joris van Loon explains. enthusiastic about the experiential exhibition: “We are organising the Biënnale to remove the barrier for a large audience, so that they can come into contact with art and to create a large stage for our artists.”

Anita Vermeeren, Van Loon Galleries

Anita Vermeeren about the event

Besides Kim van Oirschot, owner of Royals & Rebels, tells more about her own art label and various visitors share their vision of art and their enthusiasm about the Biennale, artist Anita Vermeeren also speaks. She likes to mingle with the visiting public to hear their opinions about her art. She is also present many days of the event to explain her work in more detail. Just like many other artists whose work is exhibited at the Biënnale Brabant.

“We want to create a big stage for our artists” – Joris van Loon