Van Loon Galleries, Vught

Exhibition Netty van Osch and Carina Wagenaar

In this duo exhibition you could admire the playful images of Netty van Osch and the detailed medallions of Carina Wagenaar. This exhibition was on display at Van Loon Galleries from October 10 to November 22, 2020.

Netty van Osch (Netherlands, 1962)

Netty van Osch’s (often small) human figures are on the one hand ceramic portraits with textile bodies that appeal to the viewer as they are cuddly, small and endearing. On the other hand, the works are repulsive because these portraits also show anger or cruelty. Through this disruptive combination of cuteness, humor and grim venom in her work, she tries to break through the prejudices of the viewer and create space for her story. She mainly gets her inspiration from photos. When an image appeals to her, she then sets to work with a sketch that ultimately results in a physical work.

That her work is permeated with play is apparent from the structure and decoration of her images, the imaginative arrangement of her installations and the ambiguous names and titles that she gives her images and installations. A fascination for the interplay between the outside and the inside world runs like a thread through this. She is not afraid of irony and humor. But the game is serious, dead serious when it comes to the games people play. Netty also plays a game with the spectator. Anyone who thinks they can casually view and assess her work misses the essence. Curiosity is rewarded by insights into a rich inner world.

Carina Wagenaar (Netherlands, 1969)

In this introductory exhibition we would like to introduce you to artist Carina Wagenaar. Wagenaar studied at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Amsterdam. Her life-size medallions are intriguing wall objects. These unique crossovers of art, fashion and design are inspired by cameos, small medallions, lace, relics and narrative symbolism. Expressions of feelings, thoughts, spirituality and events in the world are translated in this large medallion works of art.

In every unique work she creates, her vision of the importance of details is reflected. The shape of the medallion is historically linked to a way of preserving valuable and personal things. She translates information into a new 3D world behind semicircular acrylic glass. The medallion works of art are made up of all kinds of well-known and lesser-known objects. Telling stories, creating new worlds and surprising people is something she likes to do. Within her works, Wagenaar unites nostalgic feelings with both classic and modern, playful and tough elements.

Her work is highly appreciated internationally and has been shown in Milan, New York, Paris, London, Florence, Dubai and various places in the Netherlands in recent years.

“By looking closely at the medallions you enter a new world.”