Exposition Alexandra Klimas bij Van Loon Galleries

Alexandra Klimas responds to your comments

Alexandra Klimas exhibits her oil paintings of cows at Van Loon Galleries in Vught. Reporter Chris Corsten visited the gallery and asked visitors what they think. Visitor Alfred from Boxtel asked the artist a few more questions in his reaction to the exhibition. Alexandra Klimas read this response in the newspaper and was eager to respond to the various questions. Became curious? Read more!

Alfred Veuls, Van Loon Galleries

“Hair for hair” – Alfred Veuls (76) from Boxtel

“My first thought was: are these photos? The farm animals are painted in great detail. Hair by hair! Very handsome. This is hyper-realism of the highest order. A point of criticism is that there are just too many cows in this exhibition space. A little more variety is not a bad thing. The most appealing work is the painting of cow Lieke and cow Aline. This is because of the dominant clouds that create a dreamy and therefore imaginative atmosphere. The animals look their Easter best; that was not necessary for me. There would have been quite a bit of poop.”

“As an artist I like points of criticism, then there is a dialogue” – Alexandra Klimas

With a smile on my face, I think it’s great that Alfred has minor criticisms. “There are too many cows walking around, a little more variety is not a bad thing”, Alfred notes. Former minister Johan Remkes will agree. He already advised in 2019 to reduce the livestock. Although Alfred probably meant that he would have liked to see other farm animals, such as chickens, in the exhibition. As an artist I hope to make people think about ourselves and society. That is why I am happy to explain why there is no chicken on display during my exhibition.

Since October 2021, a national obligation for poultry farmers and hobby keepers has been in effect. Chickens must be temporarily caged because of bird flu. So, as you understand, my chickens stay in my studio precisely to raise issues. Did you know that hundreds of thousands of birds have been culled since the confinement obligation came into effect, according to figures from the ministry. But animals are also killed as a precaution. I personally find that very bad. Is that necessary I wonder?

In addition, the obligation to be kept in a cage has adverse consequences for animal welfare. Animals that normally go outside no longer have access to the open air and a more varied environment. The sudden change of scenery can also cause a lot of stress. Could there not be a better and animal-friendly solution? These issues keep me busy.

As for Alfred’s observation that the animals look their Easter best. “It’s okay to add some poop,” Alfred remarks. As a tribute to their involuntary sacrifice for us humans, I want meat industry animals to look their best. As an artist I like points of criticism, then there is a dialogue. I love that.

'Koe Lisanne' 80 x 60 cm, Oil on canvas
'Schaap Nelly' 70 x 60 cm, Oil on canvas

“In tribute to their involuntary sacrifice for us, the people, I want animals from the meat industry to look their best.”

– Alexandra Klimas