What is it like to do an internship at Van Loon Galleries?

Biënnale Brabant Tilburg 2021

Internship at Van Loon Galleries

My name is Dieuwertje Andela and I have enjoyed my internship at Van Loon Galleries for the past 5 months! I am studying Media & Event Management at Sint Lucas in Boxtel. Before I started here, I already knew the company through my family, so it quickly felt familiar and my choice was quickly made! During this internship you will learn different things, but have you always wanted to participate in an event? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Stage Van Loon Galleries Dieuwertje Andela

What can you contribute to?

During this internship I was able to work on the Biennale Brabant, the website, newsletters, making return lists, managing Instagram and Facebook and entering customers and artworks in the file.


What are you most proud of?

I am most proud that I was allowed to help with the Biennale Brabant and then sold two works of art. The Biennale Brabant is an art event that is organized every year, where more than 400 works of art by 40 different artists can be admired. I got a look at how it goes in reality and that experience was great!

What is it like to be part of the team?

The Van Loon Galleries team consists of 5 people, a small team that is well attuned to each other, which I really liked. I immediately felt very welcome. The collaboration always went smoothly and there was good communication.

Would you recommend the internship to others?

I would definitely recommend this internship at Van Loon Galleries because you will end up in a super nice team, you will learn many different things, you get a glimpse into reality and you get the space to make your own ideas a reality.

“You get space to make your own ideas a reality”