Meet the team: Dieuwertje Andela

Dieuwertje Andela, Van Loon Galleries

Van Loon Galleries has an intern!


Can you introduce yourself?

I am Dieuwertje Andela, 17 years old and I live in Berkel-Enschot. I am studying Media & Events at Sint Lucas in Boxtel and I am now in my second year. During this year I can do an internship at a company for no less than 5 months. And I have chosen Van Loon Galleries with great enthusiasm!

How do you know about Loon Galleries?

I know the gallery through my family. My parents are friends with the owner and they also have a few works of art from the gallery at home, so I have been surrounded by Van Loon Galleries at home for a long time! In addition, I come from a family that holds the art world very highly, so the choice for my internship was therefore quickly made.

Dieuwertje Andela, Van Loon Galleries

What do you hope to learn here?

It is an internship and I would like to help organize an event, and the new edition of the Biennale Brabant taking place in November is perfect for this! In addition, Photoshop is an element that I have to use a lot at school, but I have not yet mastered the technique of the program. So keep an eye on the socials for all my creations! Developing these two skills therefore seems fun and educational to me.

What are your hobbies?

Outside of my internship I like to do things with friends such as having lunch, going shopping, going to the movies, exercising, listening to a podcast or watching a movie on Netflix. My ultimate Netflix tip: La Casa de Papel!

​“The choice for my internship was therefore made quickly.”