Nieuwe kunstenaar: Carina Wagenaar

Marta Jedrysko Van Loon Galleries Vught

New artist at the gallery: Carina Wagenaar

This week a work of art will be in the spotlight of the newest artist who we have welcomed at the gallery: Carina Wagenaar (Netherlands, 1969). Hair medallions are intriguing wall objects. These unique crossovers of art, fashion and design are inspired by cameos, small medallions, lace, relics and narrative symbolism. Expressions of feelings, thoughts, spirituality and events in the world are translated into these large medallion works of art. Her work is highly appreciated internationally and has been shown in Milan, New York, Paris, London, Florence, Dubai and various places in the Netherlands in recent years.

Boys will be boys

The accompanying work called ‘Boys will be boys’ tells the story of strong and handsome guys who compete with each other. They like barbecuing and gaming, playing with soldiers, but they also have modern weaponry. Boys stay boys. They love competition and fighting power struggles. Blue is color of power. A unique three-dimensional story behind semi-spherical acrylic glass. The dimensions are 105 x 55 x 10 cm.

​“Door goed te kijken naar de medaillons kom je in een nieuwe wereld terecht.”