Van Loon Galleries answers all of your questions about art!

Van Loon Galleries: Art guide!

Art guide: answers to all your questions about art

Van Loon Galleries introduces something new: Art guide! In this new online item from the gallery we answer all the questions you may have about art. These questions may therefore be about anything within the art world: art in general, artists, materials, techniques, prices or about the gallery itself!

How do new artists qualify for a place at Van Loon Galleries? How are the prices of works of art determined? When does photography belong to the art world? When will the next edition of the Biennale take place? When can a work be labeled as a work of art? No question is too crazy!

So do you have a burning question for us? Send us an e-mail, a message via the socials or send a letter with these questions. We will then look for all the answers to the various questions you have in short videos. We look forward to receiving your submission!

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How are artists selected at the gallery?

After a few years, the gallery has already gathered a wonderful selection of (inter)national artists from the (sub)top of the contemporary art world. But registering yourself as a potential artist at the gallery is of course always possible! How? Send an email to with information about yourself as an artist, the works you create (and are currently available) and refer us to any websites/socials. We will then carefully read your admission and reply to the email. We look forward to receiving your email!

“No question is too crazy!”