Our Vision

The taste of art is a personal thing and no one can impose or talk to you. It is a taste that you develop by immersing yourself in the artist’s story, but especially by seeing and comparing a lot. In this way your opinion will automatically get a direction and it will automatically become clear what and which art form or artist suits you best. The different opinions make the art world very interesting and make it that we have been discussing what is or is not good for centuries.

As a gallery we try to develop further and to maintain a certain line in the art we bring. The art movements that we mainly study can be described as classically modern, expressive and figurative. But then in the broadest sense of the word and in different art forms, namely painting, sculpture, glass art and photo art. We literally work with artists from all over the world and this certainly makes our work very interesting.


For more information about current and upcoming exhibitions / events, for high resolution photos for publications or to receive a press kit, please contact us at:
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