Van Loon Galleries

Van Loon Galleries is one of the largest art galleries in the Netherlands. Since its foundation in 2007, the art gallery has exhibited a wide range of different national and international artists from the top and sub-top of the contemporary art world. Everything revolves around the artist.

The art movements that Van Loon Galleries focuses on in particular are classically modern, expressive and figurative. These movements are expressed in a great diversity of forms such as painting, sculpture, glass art and photo art. Summarizing: a wide selection of various (inter) national artworks that have a long lasting value and make the world more beautiful. Throughout the year, in addition to the general exhibition that can be admired, we organise 6 to 8 exhibitions. The gallery is located in a beautiful monumental city villa on the Heuvel in the bustling center of Vught. The building is the former rectory of St. Peter’s Church.

Our location

The beautiful monumental city villa in which the gallery is located has a special story. The property was built in 1864 as a presbytery of the adjacent St. Peter’s Church. Both the rectory and the church, with a neo-Romanesque architectural style, were designed by renowned architect Carl Weber. The property, with marble floor tiles, high ceilings and a brand new bar room, is the perfect backdrop for the vast and varied selection of art the gallery has to offer.

Because the gallery is located in the center of Vught, there is ample parking in the immediate vicinity for a visit to the gallery.

“ The property has marble floor tiles, high ceilings, a brand new bar room and beautiful light.”