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Duo exhibition: Frank Vogt & Harry Agema

The new duo exhibition, containing the unique sculptures by Harry Agema and the contemporary photo art by Frank Vogt, can be admired from Saturday 11 September to Sunday 24 October 2021 in the gallery aan de Heuvel in the center of Vught.


Harry Agema (Netherlands, 1946)

Artist Harry Agema graduated from the VL-VU (Leraren-opleiding) as a visual arts teacher. However, he chose to become a visual artist and specialized in porcelain and graphics, among other things. Now, almost 40 years after his training, he works with porcelain, stains (pigments) and gold luster and for the last 8 years he has fully devoted himself to hand molding, where he does not shy away from experiment, but rather seeks it out.

In the ‘Collected Happiness’ series on display, he uses porcelain shards from earlier pieces of work that he was dissatisfied with. When building a new piece of work, the main focus is on composition, in which color, rhythm and direction provide the right tension. Each workpiece is reworked and then sometimes fired again with gold luster. By smashing works, collecting the shards and rearranging and building up to a new composition, he shows that you can always start over.


Frank Vogt (Netherlands, 1969)

Frank Vogt plays with the dimensions of space and time in his photographic work. He brings fragmentary images that he remembers from his youth back to life. But his playing is by no means innocent; images that are etched in our memory are seriously taken out of context by him. He paints with light and pixels and resists the traditional image. Frank creates his subjective image. Icons are abused or revived in this conflict, which gives us a strange feeling.

The image familiar to us is being disrupted. Why are we always so afraid of the unknown and prefer to stick to old traditions? This leads to an inner conflict and immediately creates a frightening feeling… Or does it feel liberating?


Official opening

This special exhibition will be officially opened from Saturday 11 September at 12:00 noon. The artist will be present on Saturday 11 September and Sunday 12 September from 2 p.m., so that you can find out more about the works in a personal conversation. You can visit the gallery without an appointment. We look forward to welcoming you!


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“He paints with light and pixels and resists the traditional image.”
– Frank Vogt

“Colour, rhythm and direction provide the right tension.”
– Harry Agema

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