David Begbie

Scotland, 1955


His fantastically detailed sculptures of steel mesh mainly consist of torsos. When these are highlighted, a drawing appears in the form of the shadow on the back wall. The drawings are detailed, but at the same time fragile because it is a play of light. The tension that this entails makes the art form special. The sculpture is subordinate to the shadow, which has an alienating and three-dimensional effect.

David Begbie has attracted worldwide attention for many years and is highly regarded for his hand-formed steel mesh sculptures. He creates the paradox: cold, industrial material looks delicate and sensual. Attempts are made to imitate his work. However, no one has ever managed to come close to the refinement of the work of the master of shadow (game) sculptures.

“Because the artworks have the power to suggest that they do not exist, they create an entity that manifests itself more physically.”

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TORSE (2020) 80 x 34 x 20,5 cm, Steelmesh
SINEU (16025) (2016) 75 x 23 x 17,5 cm, Staalgaas
TORSOH (2020) 99 x 40 x 20,5 cm, Steelmesh
UUME (2020) 53 x 33 x 12,5 cm, Steelmesh