Rob Zweerman

Rob Zweerman

The Netherlands, 1968


Zweerman plays with form and material. His sculptures are fascinated by simplicity and mastery of material; it sometimes seems simple, but appearances can be deceiving… He achieves this simplicity by continuously developing his many years of experience as a designer and ‘maker’. For him it is a quest for universal beauty. His images form an elegant series of destinations in his journey.

Zweerman was trained as an industrial designer (Design Academy Eindhoven 1992) many people see this reflected in his images. He started sculpting in 2007: ‘I missed direct contact with material in my job. Moreover, I was itching to further investigate the autonomous side of design.’ The balance between form and material guide him in every image he works on. ‘When I discover an intriguing shape, I work it out to perfection.’

He searches until he finds a way to make it. He uses all kinds of techniques, from the traditional stonemason’s craft to modern and innovative mechanical techniques.

“When I discover an intriguing shape, I work it out to perfection.”

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Rob Zweerman Van Loon Galleries
Cross Blue, 136 x 33 x 33 cm, Cortensteel powder coated, ed. 1