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Duo exhibition Ramon Otting & Andrej Jakab Van Loon

Galleries is organising a duo exhibition featuring paintings by Ramon Otting and glass sculptures by Andrej Jakab. The new artworks can be seen from Saturday 15 April to Sunday 4 June 2023 at the gallery on the Heuvel in the centre of Vught.

Official opening

The festive opening of this exhibition will take place on Sunday 16 April from 2pm. On this occasion, both artists will be present at the gallery where they will personally explain their works. You can visit the gallery without making an appointment. We look forward to welcoming you!

Gallery opening hours:

Wednesday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday from 12.00 to 17.00. Sunday from 13.00 to 16.00 or by appointment.

Ramon Otting (Netherlands 1969)

Ramon creates expressive landscapes and seascapes. He sketches in flowering fields in France, in wine regions and by the sea. Making his work in oil paint, he also incorporates the soil of the region where he finds his inspiration. Honesty is a key word of the craftsmanship with which Ramon Otting approaches art. As an individual, the artist provides evocative explanations of his world. He does this in a powerful and emotional way. A brilliant powers of observation and his matchless enthusiasm for doing art is inspiring to the viewer. His work gives us a subtle message befitting a good Dutch artist.

Ramon Otting painting flowers

Flaming Flowers – Ramon Otting

Earth and the embodiment of nature’s seductive expression – the blooming of a flower – is the subject of this series of paintings. As in all his work, the pieces in this series are a successful attempt by Ramon Otting to encounter nature.

The bloom as inspiration

By blending earth and natural pigments, Otting comes closer than ever. Otting makes us experience that we should be in awe of nature. Nature is undoubtedly our superior. Flowers, after all, are proof that nature has mastered the magical art of seduction. And the temporary nature of flowering makes it irresistible.

“The superiority of nature compared to man, who will always lose, is palpable.” – Ramon Otting

Andrej Jakab (Bratislava, Slovakia 1950)

“In the silence of glass, we see and hear something of reflection, micro-mirroring, and the crystals show something of music. Glass artist Andrej Jakab is the composer and conductor. He gives his work titles from various sources of inspiration. For this exhibition, he was inspired by a beautiful cathedral “Cathedral.” Also “Spheres of influence” is a telling and conversational title of one of his new works. The natural environment is represented, for example, by lava, corals or a delicate dragonfly.” Jakab favours the technical fusing, grinding, polishing and joining of optical glass with composites. He emphasises abstraction and geometry. It is fascinating how his works present internal and external geometric shapes and volumes.

Duo exhibition Andrej Jakab bij Van Loon Galleries

Top international glass artists

Jakab is among the top international glass artists. His works are included in international art collections such as: Corning Museum Of Glass USA; Museum Jan Van Der Togt Amstelveen Holland; Ernsting Stiftung Coesfeld Germany. Furthermore, his works have been exhibited in USA, Canada, Japan and Europe, notably at the Rob van den Doel Galerie in The Hague, Netherlands. They are also part of Sir Elton John’s private collections.

“The titles of my works are an indication of the source of inspiration.” – Andrej Jakab