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Exhibition: Marta Jedrysko

Marta Jedrysko’s paintings will be on display at Van Loon Galleries from Saturday, March 4 through Sunday, April 16, 2023. A hot cup of coffee or tea or a good glass of wine awaits you on arrival. Hope to see you!

Marta Jedrysko (Poland, 1959)

When Marta Jedrysko starts working on a canvas, she already knows in her head what it will eventually look like. Every brushstroke is thoughtfully placed on the canvas and nothing is left to chance. Her working method is different from what you probably initially suspect as a viewer. In her most recent work, Marta Jedrysko is searching for harmony and balance.

The source of inspiration for the series of works now on view is music, specifically the Four Seasons, the famous 18th century violin concertos composed by Antonio Vivaldi. The virtuoso performance by Nigel Kennedy echoes in her paintings.

In 1983, Marta Jedrysko graduated from the art academy in Krakow. Since then, painting has been a common theme in her life. This exhibition was created in honor of her 40th anniversary. With her most recent work, she returns to her younger years as an artist. Not literally, but by loosely referring to her early work. Characteristic of her most recent work is the use of oil paint and charcoal, applied in thick brushstrokes. The result is a beautiful series of paintings and a new step in her career.

Marta Jedrysko

Official opening

The festive opening of this exhibition will take place on Sunday, March 5 from 2 p.m. onwards. At this the artist will be present in the gallery, so you can learn more about the works in a personal conversation. You can visit the gallery without appointment. We look forward to welcoming you!


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Exhibition Van Loon Galleries - Marta Jedrysko
Expositie Van Loon Galleries - Marta Jedrysko
Exhibition Van Loon Galleries - Marta Jedrysko
Exhibition Van Loon Galleries - Marta Jedrysko

“When I’m working on a painting, I keep going until I fall in love with it.”
– Marta Jedrysko