Alexandra Klimas exhibition Van Loon Galleries

The working method of artist Alexandra Klimas

“The basis for my paintings are sketches. Of course I often have a camera or my smartphone with me to capture the unexpected moments. The advantage of working from sketches is that your creativity is expressed. I don’t know very well. If I suddenly decide to paint an easel, I initially take photos to capture their hair structure or the way they walk.”


Alexandra Klimas (Netherlands, 1970)

The realistic, almost lifelike painted animals of Alexandra Klimas are visually tangible and, if they were not oil paintings, would even be audible. Her models are farm animals with the black and white cows as a favourite. She paints these animals for a reason. Pets are pampered and adored, but animals for the meat industry are hidden from our view. She would like to draw attention to this group of ‘forgotten’ animals. Her models have names and force the viewer into an intimate relationship. And that is exactly her goal.

While sketching among the cows in the country, Klimas gets to know the animals personally. She tries to paint each animal as lifelike as possible and to accurately reflect its own character. The artist wants to make people feel more connected to these beautiful animals. She is concerned with the way we treat animals in the livestock industry during their lives and how we end their lives.

Alexandra Klimas exhibition Van Loon Galleries

Sketches between the cows

“With a camera you only capture one moment. But just when you are sketching an afternoon and you are sitting quietly among the grazing cows, you also get to know them better individually. I observe their behaviour, walk, character, who is the most dominant of the group and who are friends of each other. Yes, you also have real lifelong friendships between cows. As cows get older, their significance for the herd and young cattle increases. The elderly provide continuity where it is is about (transfer of) knowledge and experience.”

Top models

“With all this in mind, it is wonderful to observe cows and get to know the people. Their calm, friendly and curious nature makes them just wonderfully beautiful ‘top models’ for my paintings.” – Alexandra Klimas


Visit the solo exhibition of Klimas

The Alexandra Klimas exhibition can be visited until May 1, 2022 in our beautiful building in the center of Vught. Opening hours Van Loon Galleries:

– Wednesday to Friday: 11.00 a.m. to 17.00 p.m.
– Saturday and Sunday: 12.00 noon to 17.00 p.m. or by appointment


“Because of their calm, friendly and curious nature, they are simply wonderfully beautiful ‘top models’ for my paintings.”

– Alexandra Klimas.