Exhibition Alexandra Klimas at Van Loon Galleries

Alexandra Klimas’ farm animals make you think

Alexandra Klimas exhibits her oil paintings of cows at Van Loon Galleries in Vught. Reporter Chris Corsten visited the gallery and asked visitors what they think.

Alfred Veuls, Van Loon Galleries

“Hair for hair” – Alfred Veuls (76) from Boxtel

“My first thought was: are these photos? The farm animals are painted in great detail. Hair by hair! Very handsome. This is hyper-realism of the highest order. A point of criticism is that there are just too many cows in this exhibition space. A little more variety is not a bad thing. The most appealing work is the painting of cow Lieke and cow Aline. This is because of the dominant clouds that create a dreamy and therefore imaginative atmosphere. The animals look their Easter best; that was not necessary for me. There would have been quite a bit of poop.”

“Personal story” – Karin Traa (52) from Helvoirt

“Really impressive. It’s as if some old master has risen from the ashes and picked up his brush again. In a number of cases, the beauty is partly woven into the special incidence of light. Most cows don’t just stare at you but also want to tell their personal story. As a visitor you sometimes have the idea that you actually have contact with the animals. The oil paintings also invite you to think about all kinds of animal-related issues. Maybe some visitors will eat less meat after seeing all this beauty.”

Karin Traa, Van Loon Galleries
Frans Smit, Van Loon Galleries

“Sort of a tribute” – Frans Smit (52) from Helvoirt

“The animals come to life in their full glory on the canvas, creating a kind of tribute. The artist has visibly done her best to create that image. The work is not shocking at all. As a vet, I see that like no other. At the same time, I can say that my view of reality has not changed after visiting this exhibition. I think a strong point is the representation of the different characters. Every animal has its own personality, something you can clearly see. That feisty sheep over there by the fireplace, I might walk around the block for that.”

“I think a strong point is the representation of the different characters. Each animal has its own personality, something you can clearly see.”

– Frans Smit

Visit the exhibition of Alexandra Klimas

Curious about the works of Klimas? The current exhibition with the impressive paintings of the artist can be visited in the gallery until Sunday 1 May 2022.