Bart Somers, Van Loon Galleries

Learn more about our artists in a live interview!

At Van Loon Galleries we like to inspire you from a distance during these times. How? With a live interview with various artists from Van Loon Galleries! To get off to a good start with this series of inspiration, Bart Somers was present at the live meeting via Zoom on Wednesday 27 January from 4 to 4.30 pm. He told more about his various sculptures, working methods and also had a number of new works and projects that he was excited to share! In addition, you had the opportunity to ask him any questions you may have had for him directly. Interested in joining a live interview? Follow our Instagram and Facebook page for the information about the next live session. Interested in joining a session? Sent us an email via info@ or sent us a message through Instagram or Facebook. You will then receive a link with which you can attend the specific conversation with one click. Will you join us for the next Live Interview? See you then!

'Wheeping' (2020), 85 cm, Bronze/RVS

Bart Somers (Netherlands, 1958)

Bart uses a modern, sleek interplay of lines in unruly steel. The red-brown rust color is due to the use of Corten steel, a material of this time. Bart also makes sculptures of high-gloss stainless steel, in the same modern style. In this material, his images seem almost transparent as they blend into the background. The clean lines tell the story, because the artist omits all the details. It is figuration with maximum abstraction, which is perfectly balanced. It is impossible to omit more and with less he would sell the image short.