Van Loon Galleries in various interiors

Van Loon Galleries in your home

Take a look at different interiors

It can be a challenge to imagine how works of art fit into your interior. How do you give atmosphere to the dining room? Against which wall does a horizontal work best fit? How does art capture the best light? For all these questions we have created a new section in the newsletter (and on the socials) of the gallery: Van Loon Galleries in your interior! In this we will share with you different interiors, with art from the gallery. In addition, we tell about how the placement of the art came about and what considerations were taken. Would you like advice on art in your interior or are you interested in a work of art? Contact us!

The intimate dining room

In the dining room above, no fewer than four works of art from the gallery can be found. The flower bomb by Stefan Gross, the photo art by Jenny Boot, a sculpture by Rabarama and a painting by Hong Yi Zhuang create a beautiful convergence of classic and modern. The amount of art makes the room intimate and warm and also exudes luxury. The precise combination and appearance the owner was looking for!

Van Loon Galleries in your home

The classic/modern dining room

This dining room is completely different from the previous dining room. The customer’s wish was to combine the retro look of the dining table and chairs with classic and modern elements. The classic-looking dark photo art by Irene Wijnmaalen and the modern gold vase by Royals and Rebels are the perfect combination for a warm and modern look. In addition, we are happy to encourage everyone to place a unique and striking object on the dining table!

“The perfect combination between classic and modern elements.”

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